Roof Restoration

Newcastle Roof Restoration Services

Just because your roof does not leak, it does not mean that it does not need restoration. The purpose of roof restoration is to bring back your roof to a quality condition in order for it to do its actual function – to protect you from direct exposure to the elements. Not only does Newcastle Roofing ensure the condition of your roof once we get it restored, we also guarantee that it will be better than new.

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What our roof restoration services offer

Newcastle roof restoration necessarily includes repairs as well as roof pressure cleaning, roof painting, and sealing, depending on the condition of the roof and on the needs of the clients. Newcastle roof restoration also offers a wide selection of roof colours if you choose to completely re-colour during the restoration.

What Newcastle roof restoration basically restores are two types of roofs, namely cement tile and terracotta tile. Aside from material, what sets these two roofing apart is how they exhibit signs showing that restoration needs to be done. You will know that cement tile needs to be restored when it shows cracks, chips, fading of colours, or growth of moss and lichens on the roof’s surface. You will also have to check whether there will be a need for re-bed or re-pointed of the ridge capping.

As for terracotta tile roofs, sure signs that it needs restoration includes lack of lustre and brittleness. Once you notice that the terracotta tiles breaks very easily, it is time to undergo roof restoration. Like cement tile roofing, terracotta tile roofs tend to grow moss, lichens and moulds. Dampness inside your home due to unexplained reasons can also be a sign that roof restoration is needed.

The restoration process usually takes 2 to 4 days with minimal disruption to your home. Restoration is commenced by replacing all broken and damaged tiles. This is followed with cleaning dirt, moss or any element stuck in your roof. Afterwards, re-bedding is undertaken if necessary and repointing of all caps using Flexi-point. Tiles are then sealed and cleaned up.

If you believe that your roof needs restoration or if you are unsure if you already need roof restoration done, it’s best to contact a Newcastle roofing professional. Contact one of our experts today.