Leaf Screener

Newcastle Roofing’s Reliable Leaf Screener Installation Services

Newcastle Roofing offers professional installation of gutter leaf screeners. Gutter leaf screeners or guards reduce the need to constantly clean your gutters. Through their self-cleaning mechanism, they collect clean rainwater while eliminating debris and other elements that may clog or get stuck in your gutters.

Leaf screeners fit most homes and comes in various colours to match the colours of your roofs. It also has a Fire Rating of 1, eliminating the fear that it may catch fire through debris that are stuck in it.

newcastle leaf screener

Installation of leaf screener is highly recommended since it not only saves you from the risk of climbing up that ladder and falling just to keep your gutters clean. It also ensures that the leaves do not get stuck in your gutters, and that rainwater does not spill from the gutters.

Newcastle Roofing is your choice when it comes to leaf screener installation, because with us…

  • Your need for cleaning and maintenance is eliminated.
  • You can guarantee that we use COLORBOND® trims which give extra strength.
  • Our COLORBOND® comes in various colours that matches your roof.
  • We offer leaf screen that can last for at least 20 years.
  • You get 15 years extended guarantee plus 5 years workmanship guarantee.
  • Our COLORBOND® is designed for water collection with quality rating.
  • You are assured that materials used are made in Australia and designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather.
  • You are guaranteed that water will remain in the gutters, and not on the roof.

Newcastle Roofing meets government standards

Our high quality work is delivered by our licensed contractors who have the knowledge and qualifications to conduct leaf screener services. We strictly abide by the standards set by the NSW and Vic governments.

For over 30 years, Newcastle Roofing has delivered excellent craftsmanship to ensure that your leaf screeners look and feel like a natural part of the house.

In need of assistance with installing, replacing, or repairing your leaf guard screener? Contact Newcastle Roofing today to speak with one of our specialist!