Newcastle Roofing Answers your Guttering Needs

Newcastle Roofing offers installation of gutters based on what you and your home needs. With Ace Gutter Guards, you have a wide array of painted guttering range that all have weather resistant paint. You can choose from Ace Gutter Guards’ 25 colours to match your roof.

newcastle roof guttering

Ace Nu-Line. Alsocalled eaves gutter or fascia gutter because it is considered as a gutter and fascia rolled into one, Ace Nu-Line is installed directly to roof rafters.

Ace Mini-Line. It is a mini version of Ace Nu-Line. It is ideal for heavy rainfall areas since it has more rainwater capacity than 115mm Quad Gutter.

Ace Square-Line. It is ideal for garages and carports with overflow holes designed in the front. It is a slotted square front gutter that needs to be folded around corners.

Ace Half Round. It is a European Style cylindrical gutter with external brackets. Due to its cylindrical design and wide diameter, it has greater water capacity and has a self-cleaning feature thus eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

Ace Round line. Like Ace Half Round, it has a cylindrical design with 150mm diameter and self-cleaning feature. The difference lies in the fact that is has a flat back with no external brackets.

Ace Quad. A common choice for new homes, it is a slotted gutter with overflow holes. It is often used in colonial houses.

Ace Old Style Quad. It is limitedly available in NSW & ACT. It has no overflow holes and has lower front than Ace Quad.

Steel Fascia. It is commonly used in new houses. It requires minimal maintenance and is more economical than timber fascia.

Meeting strict NSW and Vic government standards

The NSW Fair Trading and the Victoria Building Commission have each set rules and standards for all roofing contractors across the territories. Here at Newcastle Roofing Repair, we understand the importance of meeting these standards. As such, when it comes to roofing Newcastle, you can count on us to dispatch only licensed and certified contractors to work on your guttering installation, repair, or maintenance requirements.

For reliable installation or repair of gutter guards, we highly recommend speaking with professional roofing experts from Newcastle Roofing. Contact us today!