Roofing Repair Services

Quality you can Trust: Newcastle Roofing Repair Services

Decades of experience in roofing services have equipped us with the expertise to professionally determine the problems of your roof and identify what repairs need to be done on it. For reasonable service fees, we ensure to repair your roof without the need of total re-roofing.

What we offer

Here are some of the services we provide to ensure that your roof is in tiptop condition depending on the problem.

In particular, our roof restoration Newcastle services involves:

  • Replacement of broken tiles. Cracked or broken tiles are replaced in order to prevent bugs and water from seeping in your house.
  • Replacement of rusted valley irons. Valley iron is an essential part of the plumbing system. By replacing rusted valley irons, leaks or seepage can be prevented.
  • Re-sarking. Replacing old sarking paper ensures that your roof is impenetrable by water. This is done by removing the tiles and the old sarking paper, replacing it with heavy duty sarking papers and reinstalling the tiles.
  • Re-bedding and re-pointing. While these procedures are normally done during restoration, it can still be done during repairs in order to ensure that all caps are secured in their places.

For roof repairs, Newcastle Roofing Repair uses Flexi Point adhesives. These are UV resistant and come in various colours to match the colour of your roof. Equally safe for old, vintage roofs, as well as to newer roofs, they are roof pointing compounds with superior adhesion.

Meeting the roofing standards of Victoria and NSW

To ensure quality work, we only offer you the services of knowledgeable and licensed roofing contractors in NSW and Victoria. Our experts know by heart how to meet the strict and high standards of the NSW Fair Trading and the Victoria Building Commission. We commit to abiding by the rules of the government to assure you of safe and superior roofing repair services.