Newcastle Home Renovations

If you are looking to replace, repair or repaint your roof have you thought about doing some other upgrades or improvements or indeed renovations to your house at the same time?

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Here are some suggestions for possible improvements you could consider once you have the roof of your house repaired and painted.

Solar PV Installations

For example, have you got solar panels on your roof yet? If not you might like to get a quote for a new solar system from Clements. Once your roof is fixed and painted then they can come and install a new solar power system for you and that could make a big difference to your quarterly energy bills. Not only that but if you get batteries installed then you could cut down your power bills considerably. Maybe not quite to zero but by a big margin regardless.

solar power


Estate Style Fencing

If you have been to the UK you will no doubt be familiar with the estate style of fencing that is popular there. Did you know you can get exactly the same look for a large yard in Australia? Plus it can be quite cost effective too.

There is a company in Sydney that specialises in estate fencing: Australian Estate Fencing. It’s pretty different to the usual colorbond or picket fences. Check with your local council to see what types of fencing you can install. If you are not in a new suburb and you have a large rural block it could look great.

estate style steel fencing


Tennis Court or Cricket Nets

Got some budding young sports stars in your family that would love to have their own private cricket nets in the yard? That is exactly the kind of chainwire plastic coated mesh fencing that a company like Fencing Specialists does. It’s just like the fencing used on baseball pitches or on the edge of a golf course where you will see a big mesh fence to stop balls from hitting cars.

tennis court fences

Tips for Your Renovation

Plan Ahead

Making product selections early can prevent delays later. Proper planning can also help keep you on budget.

Find Good Help

Hire tradesmen who have more than three years of experience

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House Renovations and Developments in Newcastle Local Government Area

Have you decided to build a new deck? Thinking about knocking down that old wall? There are a number of things you should consider before you start any renovations work.

Before erecting a building, or making any changes to a building or other premises such as a garage or shed, you may need to submit a development application (DA).

Exempt development is development that has minimal impact on the local environment and does not require approval.

Exempt development can be carried out in most parts of the local government area, except for environmentally sensitive land, national parks and some land containing heritage items. Exempt development must also meet the specified development standards in the legislation (e.g. maximum heights, location, size etc).

For more information check the Newcastle City Council website page on DAs etc.